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Medicare Supplement Plan F vs. Medicare Plan N Supplemental Insurance


Choosing the best Medicare supplemental insurance plan should be based on a combination of factors.  First, you should determine what benefits the policy offers.  However, you need to base your decision on more than the plan benefits alone. You should evaluate your needs and financial objectives to determine what benefits you require. Compare the benefits you need, to how much money you are willing to pay to obtain those benefits. No matter what you come up with, your goal should be to find a plan that best suits you personally.

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Medicare supplement plan F insurance is the most comprehensive Medigap supplement insurance plan available. Here are some key Medicare supplement F insurance benefits:

  • NO co-payments
  • NO deductibles.
  • Freedom of choice to see any doctor or physician, and ability to select any hospital that accepts Medicare.
  • Higher Premium cost
  • Predictable budget for your health care needs since you will not be paying anything out-of-pocket.
  • The 20% gap in your Medicare coverage COVERED!


Although Medicare Supplement plan F insurance will have the most extensive range of benefits, it will also be the most expensive: You pay more for better coverage.

Medicare plan N supplemental insurance offers a much lower premium cost. Plan N can offer this lower premium because, in exchange, you will pay a co-payment and deductible. Here are some key features of Medicare plan N supplemental insurance:

  • Co-payments for doctor appointments will be $20
  • Co-payment for emergency room trips will be $50.
  • Deductible to meet
  • Freedom of choice to see any doctor or physician, and ability to select any hospital that accepts Medicare.
  • Low Premium cost
  • The 20% gap in your Medicare coverage COVERED!


Whether you choose Medicare supplement plan F or Medicare plan N supplemental insurance, you can be confident in knowing that your healthcare coverage is secure. By having Medicare accompanied by a Medigap insurance plan, you have obtained 100% coverage for your Medicare-approved health expenses.

The most effective way to compare Medicare supplemental insurance benefits and rates is to use an agency that will perform this service for you, free of charge.  Let us do the comparison shopping for you to insure that you are offered a rate that you feel suits your personal needs and objectives.

Click below for a free rate quote from the top Medicare supplemental insurance carriers.



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